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This place is EXCELLENT. I got a requisition about 24hrs ago to get a breast ultrasound for my son who is four months old. Obviously this triggered a lot of anxiety as a parent and I wanted to find the quickest place to get this done as the delay at the MCH and St-Justine can take about two weeks. There is no other place in MTL to get imaging done on children as young as my son. I called RadioJr, and got an appointment for an ultrasound the same day. They specialize in Pediatrics. When we got there, we were greeted by a nice young woman who promptly brought us to the ultrasound room. The technician, Kubra understood my worry, making me feel comfortable, and was great with my baby. She also informed me that the team and herself work or worked at the MCH, which made me feel even more comfortable.The radiologist knowing I was nervous came to speak to me, and informed me that the results will be sent today to the prescribing doctor. All this to say, If you need Xrays or an Ultrasound done, don't wait and call them. Everything is also covered by RAMQ. Everyone was really nice, kind and super knowledgable. Thoughtful to parents nerves and great with children. THANK YOU ALL!

Luisa Denisia

Timberly Williams

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